Pool and Spa Area

POOL AND SPA HOURS: 24 hours a day (Quiet hours are 10pm-7am)

1. Children 14 years and younger must be accompanied at all times by a responsible adult.2. The “buddy” system is recommended for all swimmers at all times. No one should swim alone.

3. The use of the pool is expressly limited to Residential Owners, Lessees and their invited guests. Each unit is limited to two (2) guests total, at any given time. At no time shall any group monopolize the facilities.

4. Guests on an extended stay (over 2 weeks) are considered members of the household and may use the facilities unaccompanied. Extended-stay guests must register with the Association and are subject to all community guidelines contained within the Project Handbook or posted in common areas and recreation areas. Other guests may use the facilities only when accompanied by the host. Please do not extend an open invitation to others to drop by the pool at any time for a swim.

5. All gates latches will be latched closed at all times. Please do not leave the gates propped open. This is for the safety of all, especially children.

6. Absolutely no running, pushing, or horseplay around or in the pool area will be permitted. This includes “dunking” activities. At no time shall there be any loud noise, disturbance or other activity that creates a nuisance to residents. Jumping, using loud voices and/or screaming while using the pool or Jacuzzi is prohibited. During the summer months, this behavior creates a nuisance for those residents who live near the pool area. Please be considerate of others.

7. No infant, young child or person subject to involuntary natural bodily functions is permitted to use the pool or spa without proper and effective diaper protection.

8. Inflatable items, sun-mats, surfboards, Styrofoam floats or other large objects of this nature will not be permitted. Only flotation devices for small children (i.e. water wings) shall be permitted.

9. No person is to enter the pool or spa after application of any tanning or sunscreen preparation without rinsing off or wiping the excess sunscreen off. Residents should also dry themselves before entering the lobby and/or elevator area.

10. Misuse of the pool and patio furniture is not tolerated. This also applies to life preservers, life saving hooks and related pool equipment. These items are for safety purposes, not for recreation. Pool furniture, tables, umbrellas and other accessories shall not be removed from the pool or barbecue areas.

11. NO GLASSWARE OF ANY KIND IS ALLOWED IN THE POOL AND BARBECUE AREAS. Containers of an unbreakable nature will be allowed provided they are disposed of in the proper manner. Littering in the pool and pool area is not allowed. Residents are to clean up any mess or trash they make in any common recreation area or other common areas.

12. No barbecue, hibachi or other cooking apparatus, other than those barbecue facilities provided by the Association, shall be used within the pool or barbecue areas. Please make sure to turn-off the gas valves if not in use and keep these areas clean. Replace barbecue covers when the barbecue has cooled down.

13. No pets are allowed in the pool/ spa area at any time.

14. Bicycles, skateboards, scooters, roller-skates, roller-blades, toys or other wheeled vehicles are not allowed in the pool area at any time.

15. Only persons dressed in standard swimwear are allowed in the pool or spa. Nudity or nude sunbathing in these areas is not allowed.

16. Climbing over the gates and fences in the pool area is prohibited.

17. Persons with contagious skin disorders, colds, coughs or communicable diseases are asked to refrain from pool and spa use due to the exposure and/or contamination to other individuals.

18. Immoral, lewd or indecent conduct is prohibited in the pool, spa, fitness center, and all other common areas including exclusive use common areas.

19. Portable TV’s and radios are not permitted unless used with headphones.

20. No child under the age of 14 years shall be allowed in the jacuzzi unless accompanied and supervised by a responsible adult. It is recommended that pregnant women, persons with heart problems, high blood pressure or diabetes refrain from using the spa for health reasons.

21. The Board of Directors reserves the right to deny use of the pool, pool area and spa to anyone at any time.

22. The Association is not liable, and does not assume any liability whatsoever, for injury, property damage or any kind of loss arising in connection with the use of the pool, spa, and/or fitness facilities. The pool, spa and recreation areas do not have a lifeguard on duty.


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